Rent-a-Somm is a unique service in the Denver area that brings wine education and a wine tasting experience to your own home or place of business!  We cater private wine tasting and knowledge parties that range from general wine knowledge to in-depth coverage of regional wines.  We bring a Certified Sommelier, wine, stemware, and years of experience and knowledge direct to your living room or place of business.

All you have to do is savor the experience!

We are a small group of former restaurant professionals and Certified Sommeliers responsible for creating numerous award-winning wine lists.  If you enjoy entertaining, contact Rent-a-Somm today and elevate your next dinner, team building event, or holiday party. We also provide consulting on wine lists, wine collecting, parties, weddings and showers, personal wine shopping and much more!

Wine Glass


Rent-a-somm is passionate about wine and we desire to make that passion contagious.  Wine gives so many people so much pleasure, yet can still intimidate some people.  It shouldn’t… After all, it’s just fermented grape juice!  We hope to enlighten you and help you understand what you like about wine in hopes that it will enhance your future wine experiences.  Let’s eliminate the snobbery and get down to enjoying wine.